3 tricks to more shifts

Wednesday, April 26th, 2017
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Being able to choose when you work is one of the major reasons why people like finding work through Catapult, but what happens when you don’t get shifts you’re applying for? When it comes to using the Catapult app, we’ve got some tricks (three to be precise) to help you increase the number of shifts you’re working.

1. Apply, Apply, Apply

notificationDid you know you can apply for multiple shifts on the same day? And there’s no limit to how many you can apply for. When an employer chooses you to work one of these shifts, we’ll withdraw your other applications so you never have to worry about clashing shifts.

This feature is really handy if there’s a specific day of the week you want to work. Applying for multiple shifts, even if they clash, helps increase your chances of locking in work when you want it.

2. Instant claim shifts

instant-zoomed-out-arrowWhen you see a shift you want to work listed with the instant claim lightning bolt next to it, don’t hesitate to apply. These shifts can be claimed instantly, so if you’re the fastest person to pick it – it’s all yours!

We love this feature because it’s the quickest way for you to secure a shift! Plus, if you’re keeping an eye on the app (like the next tip recommends), you can easily tee up the roles you like by simply being speedy. But make sure you check the date and times. If you have to cancel, the normal cancellation policy applies.

3. Open up (between notifications)

notification 2We do our best to toe a fine line between keeping you up-to-date with the latest shifts and protecting your phone from too many notifications. In order to do this, we’ve reduced the frequency of notifications we send you each day – but that doesn’t stop you receiving offers in between notifications. If you’re keen to get some more shifts under your belt, we recommend keeping an eye on the app throughout the day.

Did you know?
If the number of shifts appearing in your app is different to the amount you’re notified for, or if you think shifts are disappearing from view after you’ve applied, it’s usually because someone has instantly claimed that shift before you applied, or the role has gone to another person. Either way, it pays to be quick!



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