Meet the team: What up, Andrea!

Friday, January 25th, 2019
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If you’ve ever had a question about the free training courses we offer on the app, chances are, you spoke to the delightful Andrea. As our training course master, she’s the one who dots the I’s and crosses the T’s, helping people daily as they complete the courses and get the reference checks they need to work some shifts at Catapult.

While Andrea’s route into her current role wasn’t an obvious one (she’s originally from Cyprus and studied Equestrian Sports Science before making the move to Catapult!), in her 11 months on the team she’s become something of a guru at our office. Because we can’t keep her all to ourselves (and why would we want to!), we decided to have a chat and find out what she thinks about working at Catapult.

How is Catapult different to other places you’ve worked?
Catapult is a much more chilled environment and I’ve found it easy to build proper friendships with my colleagues. I like how Catapult also gives you the freedom you need as an individual – like working remotely or from a cafe. I also like how we’re always on the go, changing things or creating new processes.

Has your role changed since you joined?
Yes, it has. I went from being an accreditation intern to fully owning the department. I’ve also expanded my knowledge by working in other departments like Candidate Ops. I joined their team a few months ago. I’m also in charge of keeping things in the office running smoothly, like weekly shopping and any employee requirements.

Tell us about your current role?
I help certain employers meet their training requirements. Some companies need to know that all their staff has the correct courses and reference checks so they may run an audit. I help prepare Catapult for these audits. I’m also in charge of Accreditation for others. I also help candidates who are booked into shifts complete and training courses an employer might need them to have before they start work.

Why is your role important to Catapult?
For a lot of employers, having workers with the correct training and reference checks is a legal requirement. My role is important because I help make sure we’re complying with these laws as well as any requests employers have, which are usually in place to protect the business and their clientele. It’s also good because I can help candidates book more shifts by getting their training done.

How does your role impact candidates and/or employers?
It’s like a domino effect of events which could harm our clients business and in turn our own business. For example, if candidates do not complete their Health Safety or Food Safety modules and educate themselves while working shifts in the hospitality industry then they are putting customers and themselves at risk of injury or an allergic reaction for example.

What’s the best thing about working at Catapult?
My career progression. The people I’ve met, Tuesday dinners and candidate socials. That’s four best things!

What does work/life balance mean to you?
It means a lot, I would never want to fall into the trap of overworking myself to the point of losing my social life or even people I care about because I just can’t make time for anything else apart from work.

How would describe the rest of the Catapult team?
We’re a nice team. Similar characters but different. Everyone gets along and is very social. We are a bunch of people who enjoy each other’s company but also enjoy working together. It’s like we all have this Catapult trait where anyone who is new or meets us feels at ease and comfortable pretty quick.

Completing the free training courses in the app is an awesome and easy way to get access to more shifts! To check out the courses available to you, simply tap ‘Get more shifts’ in the sidebar of your app. For more information on why it’s great to do training check out Get More Shifts: Your shortcut to upskilling on the blog.

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