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Wednesday, March 1st, 2017
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Student life is generally made up of three major components: study (obviously), work and play. In a perfect world, you manage to balance your coursework with work-work and still have some time for living a little too. But when it gets to the pointy end of the semester and you’re devoting more hours to study, you’re likely to have less time for work, which means fewer funds for fun.

The trick here isn’t to study less in order to earn more, it’s to make sure the money you do have goes further. Enter: Yas Desai.

Startup Stock PhotosNot all heroes wear capes…
Some work behind the scenes at Catapult’s head office, recruiting talented new candidates. Yas has a Spidey Sense for good deals – it’s legendary around these parts, in fact – so to help you get more bang for your buck, we thought we’d get her to share some of her favourite deals for students.

Simply Great Deals

NUS Extra
The National Union of Students defends the rights of students in the UK while ensuring they thrive. It’s run by students, for students! It’s also great for finding great student discounts.

“This card is a lifesaver, NUS extra gives you tons of in-store and online discounts, which can be used for weekly food shopping in Co-op as well as online clothes stores such as Topshop and Asos. You can pick one up if you attend a freshers’ fair. NUS usually has a stall where it accepts applications to get an NUS card. You can grab a card there and then for a fee of around £30 – it’s definitely worth it!”

NUS cards are also available online. Click here to apply or renew, and check out the top-listed discounts while you’re there!

Latest Free Stuff
The name says it all, it’s just literally just the Latest Free Stuff given out by a huge range of companies.

“A personal favourite of mine, especially as my friend runs the company! For any Dragons’ Den fans, you may remember seeing this company pitch to the Dragons (and also receive four fantastic offers!). This company works with brands that want to raise awareness of their product by sending out free samples. There’s no catch, you just get discounts and lots of free stuff if you sign up!”

Student Money Saver
Student Money Saver is a really great deals site with hundreds of massive student discounts.

“Student Money Saver is a portal that can be used for all. This usually comes as a weekly newsletter with the most recent dining and purchasing offers, along with lots of humorous content that reminds me of the good ol’ uni days!”

Deals to Get You Out and About

National Railcard
A young person’s railcard, or a 16 – 25 Railcard, covers people from (you guessed it) 16 – 25 years of age and gives you huge discounts on train fares around the  UK.

Paddington_station_MMB_34_332003“Tip number one: Purchase the three-year young savers railcard just before you turn 24, this is the latest time you can purchase the card so you can use it well after you’re 25 (even though the card is named 16 – 25 young person’s railcard!). Another tip is to sign up to their email list. They often send out really cool offers for musicals and things to do in London.”

Applause Store
Be in the TV audience for some of your favourite television shows – for free! All you have to do is sign up to Applause Store.

“Another favourite of mine; Applause Store is a portal for TV shows to give out free audience tickets to popular TV programmes. All you have to do is sign up, and if you’re issued a ticket, turn up and enjoy the show! The more shows you attend, the more shows you get invited to. Do be aware that they record your turn up rate! So, if for any reason you request a ticket and don’t show up, this will probably affect what future shows you will be invited to.”

Restaurant members’ clubs
This isn’t controlled by one central group, rather, certain restaurants across London offer discounts for regulars (and savvy diners like you). It might take a little research, but can be really worth it when you find a place you like.

“If you keep an eye out, some restaurants will offer great discounts for particular days of the week. For example, the popular Pizza East offers 50% off on allocated days (it changes depending on which restaurant you attend), all you need to do is purchase a special keyring for £5, which you present on the night. The Alchemist also offers discounts when you sign up to their mailing list.”

Hot Dinners
Get the inside lane on your city’s newest restaurants with Hot Dinners.

StockSnap_XKJDEWN1B6_coolrestaurant“This website shows all the recently opened restaurants. And the best thing about new restaurants is that they usually require food tasters! Keep an eye out and sometimes you can sign up to taste new menus in exchange for a bit of feedback! Also note, that in the first week of launching, lots of restaurants tend to offer discounts!”

O2 Priority
This one gives you exclusive deals to plenty of places – if you’re an O2 customer, that is. Yas makes a great case for switching to O2, though!

StockSnap_GYFIK4ISF0_concert“The O2 Priority app is a life-saver! The Boots £1 Monday meal deal is perfect for students! Plus, with priority access to tickets for any concert hosted in the O2, and huge discounts across a wide range of places (like cinemas, for example), switching to O2 is a no-brainer!”

An Honourable Mention

AMZ Reviews (A.K.A. Vipon – they’ve just had a rebrand)
This Amazon affiliate site brings you free (or nearly free) items posted by sellers hoping to get a little social proof. Simply sign up for free to start receiving deals.

“AMZ Reviews [Vipon] is a partner site for Amazon. New sellers come to this website to offer their products for free or with a discount in exchange for a product review to be written on Amazon. The best part is, if you don’t like the product, you don’t have to write about it! You can get free clothes, makeup, home furniture and much, much more!”

Not a Catapult candidate? Make time and earn money while you study with flexible work that suits you. Apply today!

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