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Friday, January 25th, 2019
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You’re probably sick of hearing us go on about it. We get it. We mention it every time we release a new feature, we say it when you report bugs in the app and we bring it up when you write reviews.

But we mean it, we promise! We always listen to your feedback about what it’s like to work with Catapult!

We take on everything you say, we go away and have a think about it, then we use it to make your experience better. Because this approach to improvement is baked into the way we do things so we wanted to explain why we listen, how we do it, and what changes listening has led to.

We’d also like to encourage you to keep sharing and go over some of the ways you can get involved in the feedback loop.


Why we listen

Listening to you guys is important because you’re the ones using Catapult. Your day-to-day experience of the app (and Catapult in general) makes you the experts on what features are working well and what could be doing a better job.

Using you as our guiding stars, we can build on the things you like and maybe rethink or redesign the things that aren’t working so well for you.


How we’ve listened

Here are just a few examples of how the suggestions you’ve made over the years have contributed to change at Catapult:

You said you wanted to easily navigate through your available shifts…
We introduced you FILTERS so you can adjust your search preferences, narrowing down your visible offers quickly and simply.

You said it was disappointing when shifts disappeared too quickly…
Enter: Notify Me. We can’t book you into shifts that have already been filled, but we can let you opt-in for alerts about them. If you’ve tapped Notify Me and the shift opens up again, you’ll be the first to know.

(Missed our post on Filters and Notify Me? Read it here!)

You said getting too many text messages about shifts was a bit annoying…
We stopped doing that. In the past, if a last-minute shift came up and we thought you might be interested, we’d drop you a text. Now, we get in touch using Notify Me and push notifications.

You told us what makes some employers better than others…
We passed it on! We’ve given employers tips on how they can make each shift great for you guys.

You said you said you wanted more shifts in retail…
We went out and found more retailers to partner with! We seek out the employers we know you guys will love working with. For a lot of people that meant more high street brands like Clarks and Topshop!

You said you liked working with your friends…
We built Workmates! We loved the idea of you guys connecting so much that we came up with a tool that lets you see which of your friends is working too.


How you can share?

There are a few ways you can give us constructive feedback.

You can suggest features on Catapult’s Upvote page
Upvote lets you share ideas as well as vote for other suggestions that you like!

You can attend a focus group
We regularly host sessions where we discuss anything from new features to our processes. We post them in the app just like a shift, so keep an eye out!

You can speak to us directly!
The live chat feature is a great way to get in touch with our team and share your ideas instantly. Our team keeps track of the suggestions they receive via chat and passes them on to the people in our team who can make them happen.

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