Meet the team: Emily

Friday, May 31st, 2019
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How long have you worked at Catapult?

Eight months.

How did you get the job?

Two of my fellow drama school buddies work here and they told me about this fab job!

How does your role impact candidates and employers?

We’re the first port of call for any bookings and candidate queries so we like to be personable and make sure both candidates and employers feel secure and happy using Catapult!

What’s the best thing about Catapult?

It’s flexible, fun and fabulous! Keeping everyone in the loop with what’s going on in different teams, creating fun events and meetings and is the modern way of working!

What has been your favourite ever interaction with a candidate or employer?

I love talking to everyone and really enjoy helping, but I do remember chatting to a candidate who was a bit worried about how she could get to shifts. We had a great chat about the timing of her shifts, the different transport options and just some understanding that life being can be a crazy, busy ride at times. She was reassured and happy to have had some questions answered, along with some pretty funny gifs (or at least I thought they were!) to make her feel better!

What are your passions outside of work?

I am an actor, presenter, and voice-over artist. I love being creative, playing characters and exploring their stories! I love that each day brings something different…

How do you balance that with Catapult?

Catapult is the best and allows us to work flexible hours, making up time for any auditions. We all went on a team night out to see another one of our team in a play, recently! Life can be a bit crazy juggling all these things but Catapult is a real joy and a bit of a lifeline.

Why is balancing work and life important?

Fitting your work around your life and not your life around your work is SO important, everyone has a ‘flow’ something you feel YOU doing and it’s important to keep that with you always!

How would describe the Catapult team?

All fiercely individual but with shared morals. They’re friendly, hardworking and always giving the best we can with a smiiiillle!

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