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Friday, May 17th, 2019
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So Sahil, how long have you worked at Catapult?

I have worked here since the end of September 2018, so have worked with Catapult for 7 (and a half) months.

How did you get the job?

I applied on a pretty cool website called With a lot of cool companies to work for and Catapult stood out to me! I then had an awesome interview with Annabel and a trial shift in the office after which I accepted the job offer!

How does your role impact candidates and employers?

Well I’m the first the first point of contact for candidates and employers. So I hope some of you have seen my name pop up on live chat in the app (which all of you should use if you ever need any help from us by the way!)

I help with a range of things from ensuring our candidates are having the best possible experience to helping our employers book in their first shifts.

What’s the best thing about Catapult?

No day is ever the same! I’ve only been here for 7 months and already a bunch of things have changed in my team and how we work. It’s great to have the varied work and to be able to learn new things all the time.

Also, the work socials are great 🙂 – I had one on my first day.

What has been your favourite ever interaction with a candidate or employer?

So this is not really a favourite interaction, but one candidate. Every time she used to get in contact with me she would call me Sah, no one had ever shortened my name my entire life. But everyone thought the name suited me and now… everyone calls me Sah!

What are your passions outside of work?

Travelling – I want to go everywhere! I always have fun learning about other cultures and seeing new places.

Avid gamer! – The playstation has been a best friend of mine for a long time.

Music – I love music (mostly hip-hop) and go to as many concerts as I can.

Science – I’ve always had a passion for science and studied Chemical Engineering at uni, and still get fascinated by all things science-related!

What does work/life balance mean to you?

For me being able to switch off completely from work whenever necessary and having fun doing activities outside of work is really important to have the right balance!

How would describe the Catapult team?

The Catapals are amazing! Everyone is so enthusiastic and passionate about work and making Catapult better everyday.

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