Peak’s PEAKS: Our top milestones from November

Friday, November 30th, 2018
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We’re just a whisker away from December, which means we’re halfway through for our busiest season for shifts – A.K.A. Peak!

Reaching the halfway point of Peak is great because it combines two of our favourite things:

    1. You guys killing it
    2. Milestones!

So, to celebrate, we thought we’d share a few things we’ve learned based on some pretty impressive stats from the past month’s amazing effort. Here goes!

You’re a bunch of movers and shakers

According to, the average restaurant server takes about 1,772 steps per hour. That. Is. HUGE.

That means, if we’ve done our calculations correctly, Catapult’s hospitality staff walked around 75,000 miles.

To put that into context, that’s about 3 laps around earth’s equator. No small feat!

…and if you work in retail?

You guys smashed Black Friday! An enormous effort from everyone who worked on the day – you collectively racked up enough steps to get you from London to Frankfurt.

You’re also winners!

We’re halfway through our Daily Prize Draw and there are more than a few winners among us!

Since the start of November, we’ve given away more than 105 prizes, including a MacBook, £250 Uber credit, Sonos Speakers, tea for 2 at Harvey Nicks and so much more.

Still keen to nab some awesome stuff? We’ve got more than 80 prizes left to give! That means you’re in with a chance to score an iPhone XS, your rent paid for a month (£850 cash!), one of two £250 spa vouchers, and a Playstation 4 (among a bunch of other great prizes)!

(Keep track of upcoming prizes via the Daily Prize Draw tab in the app. 1 shift = 1 entry to WIN).

Our employers love you!

In the past month, alone employers favourited people a total of 866 times.

…and the feeling’s mutual

You shared your favourite places to work as well. Here are some of our top employers based on your feedback:

      • Skinnydip
      • PAUL
      • House of Lords
      • Royal Albert Hall
      • Clarks
      • Jurys Inn

But most of all, you love each other!

In November, not only did you send out more than 680 Workmates requests, but you encouraged your friends to sign up to Catapult using our Refer a Friend scheme – just under 100 people who applied through friend referrals have gone on to work a shift with us.

With such a tremendous effort from everyone so far, we’re more than a little excited to see you all continue to smash it in December!

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