5 Tips For Nailing a First Impression

Thursday, January 24th, 2019
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When you work flexibly you’re going to rely on people’s first impressions of you more than most – especially if you work for multiple employers. Getting off on the right foot can be the difference between getting the chance to work at your favourite places again or missing out on the shifts you love. And when you consider that a first impression is made in the first few seconds of meeting someone, it’s important to nail yours.


So what makes a good first impression?


We’ve compiled a list of our top tips to give you the best shot at a great first impression.

Keep it neat and tidy

The first thing others notice about you is how you look, so think about what your appearance is saying about you. The same way an ironed shirt and clean, styled hair presents a more professional and responsible appearance, being scruffy and unkempt might give some people the impression you’re unreliable.

(Meeting a Catapult employer for the first time? Make sure your uniform is on point)

Act confident…

…Even if you’re not feeling it. Simple, non-verbal cues like standing a little bit taller, smiling and making eye contact will not only mask any nerves you might be feeling, they’ll give others the impression you’re confident too. Plus, a great side effect of the “fake it ‘til make it” approach, is that you’ll actually start to feel more self-assured. It’s win-win, really.

Be punctual

And by being punctual, we mean early – particularly when it comes to starting at a new workplace. It seems like a no-brainer, but there are benefits to arriving on-time that stretch beyond your first impression. Yes, being punctual makes you seem more dependable, but it also gives you some wiggle room should you encounter delays on your way to work, and will ensure you don’t arrive feeling flustered and disorganised.

Speak up!

The first three points listed above are the things people notice before you even get the chance to introduce yourself, so what can you do to reaffirm (or potentially fix) your first impression? It’s time to use your voice! Introduce yourself and speak clearly – it’ll build on your overall impression of confidence. Speaking in a shy or muffled tone can be confused for being reserved, or even cold, so use your voice to portray your friendly and open attitude.

Don’t be afraid to ask

Contrary to many people’s instinct, asking a question makes you appear MORE engaged. It shows induction specialists, employers, and even your teammates that you’re paying attention to who is talking to you and what you’re being told, which is especially helpful in an induction or training session. Also, it comes with the added benefit of avoiding any awkwardness later on.

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