New app features: Filters and Notify Me

Tuesday, January 8th, 2019
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The latest features to be released on the app came into existence because of you!

At Catapult, we’re always collecting feedback and jotting down your ideas; taking your suggestions and turning them into real features that make finding flexible work with Catapult simple.

One thing you requested time and time again was the ability to filter through all the jobs you get invited to. You wanted to be able to zoom in on the shifts you like most at the times most convenient to you.

You also told us how disappointing it is when you can’t see the shifts you want to work – that’s usually because they’ve already been snapped up by someone else.

With these two points in mind, we got to work developing a couple of new features: Filters and Notify Me – both of which will make it easy to find and apply to your favourite shifts.

“So how do they work?” we hear you ask. A little something like this…

Using filters

When you open the Invited tab in your app, you’ll notice a little slider icon floating in the lower-middle part of your screen. Tap this to open your filter preferences.

Once in there, select how you’d like to narrow down the shifts visible to you. You can choose from:

  • The time of day – Morning, Afternoon, Evening
  • The shifts you can Instant Claim
  • Shifts with your favourite employers
  • Job type (eg. Waiting shifts, Events, Retail etc.)


Once you’ve chosen the perfect combination of filters, tap ‘View All’ to see your results! To return to the full list of your available shifts, just tap the ‘X’.

What is Notify Me

Since the latest app update*, you’ve probably noticed that some shifts in your Invited tab are greyed out. This is part of our new feature, ‘Notify Me’.

*If you’re not seeing this, open the App Store or Google Play to update the app.

Notify Me was designed to increase your chances of scoring the shifts you really want to work. It does this by allowing you to set alerts for jobs that have already been filled. So, if a shift you want becomes available again, either because of a cancellation or an employer deciding they need more staff, we’ll make sure you’re the first to know!

Using Notify Me

From now on, the Invited tab will show you all the shifts you’re qualified to work – even if another person is already booked to work it.

Open a Notify Me shift and where you’d usually hit ‘Apply’, instead select ‘Notify Me’. This will turn on notifications that send you an alert if that shift becomes available again. It’s our way of giving you a second shot at shifts you love!

Your feedback so far…

When building something new, it can be difficult to see it from a completely neutral perspective. That’s why we conduct focus groups, user testing and collect feedback from you! It helps us understand what it’s like to use the Catapult app day-to-day.

One bit of feedback we got was that the number of shifts displayed in the Invited tab shouldn’t include Notify Me shifts. And you know what? You’re right! We’re already working on version 2 of Notify Me and that’s the first update we plan to make!

Another bit of feedback was that Notify Me was ‘hiding’ shifts you can apply for on the spot. We can say with 100% certainty that this is not the case. Unfortunately, the start of the year is quiet for many of employers, which means fewer shifts in the app. The good news is, if you’re using Notify Me, you’ll be the first to know when shifts become available again!

(Pssst… We wrote a post explaining why there are fewer shifts this time of year and what we’re doing about it. You can read it here.) 

Keep the feedback coming!
Your feedback fuels our new features. Add new suggestions here, and upvote your Workmates’ ideas while you’re there.

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