The hard word on soft skills

Friday, March 22nd, 2019
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Making coffee. Selling shoes. Carrying three plates during a busy service period. They’re all hard skills. They’re technical things you’ve actively learned or been taught on the job. They’re all rooted in experience, and they’re all really helpful when you’re at work!

But there are some skills you’ve probably picked up without realising it, either in your day-to-day or at work. These are called “soft skills” and having a few of them in your arsenal will guarantee you’re an asset to any employer.

What are soft skills?

Soft skills are the little human things about you. Your ability to communicate clearly, how you interact with others, thinking creatively and problem-solving, as well as your ability to work in a team and listen.


When you develop these skills and apply them to your work, you’ve got yourself some soft skills!

Why do employers love them?

Being able to communicate clearly and confidently will make talking to customers simple. While working well in a team will help you easily navigate a shift with other part-timers like you. Being a good problem solver or creative thinker will help you work more efficiently.


Basically, your hard skills will get you through your shifts and your soft skills will help ensure you ace it!


How do I know if I have soft skills?

The beauty of soft skills is that you’re always working on them – whether you realise it or not!


How do I work on developing my soft skills?

You’re likely to already have the soft skills you need to smash any shift out of the park – but you can always work on honing them. Being conscious of the soft skills you have will help. So does observing others. If there’s someone on a shift who you think is doing a good job, take note of why. Do they have a specific way of organising themselves? Do they listen well to others around them? Once you’ve worked out what it is, practice by applying that skill to the way work.

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