Get more shifts: Your shortcut to upskilling.

Thursday, November 1st, 2018
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We’ve already spoken about the benefits of completing our free training courses with FLOW (FLOW courses: Why do I need them?). Now, we thought we would show you how we’ve made it even easier to complete your courses via the app.

Last week, we launched a new feature on the app where you can easily access your remaining FLOW courses.

Simply follow the tab labelled ‘Get more shifts’, this will allow you to view any outstanding training you need to complete. You’ll also be provided with a link to FLOW so you can access these modules.

Why ‘Get more shifts’ is important

Because some employers need you to have certain qualifications, you run the risk of missing out on shifts if you don’t have your training. You can make sure you don’t lose your spot on any of these shifts by checking what’s outstanding on your profile and completing the modules you have linked. These include qualifications in Health & Safety Level 2, Food Safety Level 2 and Allergens.

Having these qualifications under your belt will mean that you can instantly claim shifts with these employers in future. An added bonus is that any qualification you gain will be valid wherever you work!

Been with Catapult for a while and have done all the necessary training?

You can keep the experience you have on your profile up to date with the ‘Unlock More Shifts’ form. Here, you’ll have the opportunity to tell us about the new places you have worked and the skills you have gained since you joined us. This means that you’re always invited to shifts that match your ever-growing experience and skills.  

Try tapping the ‘Get More Shifts’ tab in the app’s sidebar now to check out how you can upskill your profile.


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