FLOW courses: Why do I need them?

Monday, September 24th, 2018
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Whether you’re up-to-date or still need to complete a few of your courses, you’d be forgiven if you’re still a little foggy on the whole FLOW training thing. To help you along, we wanted to share some more info on why we ask you to do training and what the benefits to doing them are (Spoiler! The benefits a very worth it).  

Why do FLOW training modules?


Get more shifts!

First of all, you’ll see way more offers in your job feed if you complete them! Employers like PAUL bakery, stadiums, Young’s pubs, Amadeus shifts in Birmingham and any food prep roles all require workers to have a few qualifications before they even apply! By doing the courses, you’ll start seeing more shifts like these in the app.

It’s free!

They’re also legal and accredited qualifications from the British Safety Council that you can put on your CV! With Catapult, you get access to these courses for free, whereas elsewhere it can cost upwards of £40 to complete them.

You’ll be safe at work

These courses keep you and the who work with you safer! Every year, thousands of people get injured due to accidents at work. Having health and safety training can help you identify dangers and let you know how to best approach them. That way, you and those around you, are safe from injury.

They will also make you more aware of the employers’ responsibilities so that you can easily identify hazards and report them to us!

Finding FLOW

There are two simple ways you can access your FLOW training and start completing courses!

  1. ‘Get More Shifts
    This tab in the sidebar of your app takes you straight to your FLOW dashboard where you can see any outstanding courses.
  2. Job descriptions
    If there’s a role we think you’d be great for (but you don’t have the training required to work), when you apply, we’ll prompt you to complete the courses. Tap the buttons and complete your training on the spot to increase your chances of getting picked!



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