Updating apps? *Yawns*

Friday, May 31st, 2019
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Updating apps is boring. There! We said it. Opening the settings. Selecting the apps you want to freshen up. Waiting for the loading bar to progress at what feels like a snail’s pace. Honestly, we’ve never met a soul who gets a kick out the experience – and we’re not sure we ever will!

We will admit though, despite our disdain for this seriously dull piece of life admin, we’re actually very big fans of updating apps. In fact, we couldn’t recommend it more and we’ve compiled a list of reasons why you should be a fan too…


Not the 6-legged, creepy crawly variety. The kind of bugs that make your apps behave badly.

Developers (the people who build the tech you use every day) work tirelessly to fix bugs and when they do, they’ll release an update to stop it happening again.

The need for speed

With every new version of an app, it’s usually faster than before, which is great if you’re a speed demon who likes their tech lightning quick.

Inbox zero

We’re big supporters of a clear, notification-free phone. Think Marie Kondo but instead of cupboards full of junk, we’re clearing your phone of little red icons with numbers in them. Do those notifications spark joy? No? It’s time to say to goodbye to them (by updating your apps).

New Features

OK. This is the real bread and butter. Literally.

When we introduce new features, it’s because we want you to have a better experience and that almost always means more shifts that are perfectly suited to you. Updating your app allows you to take advantage of these new tools.

Bringing joy

Our developers are the unsung heroes who make sure all of our technology runs smoothly and we don’t all slip into the Matrix (maybe, we’re still unsure how it works).

It’s been said by the ancient, mystical developers of decades past, that whenever an app gets updated, all developers feel a warm rush of happiness and, wherever they may be, a rainbow appears in the sky above them. WOW.

If you’re feeling compelled to update your app now, open the App Store or Google Play to check what needs a refresh. Or, if you’re unsure, take a peek at this handy FAQ.

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