What you need to know about ‘Work Seasons’

Wednesday, March 6th, 2019
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We’ve mentioned it before, and people who’ve been with Catapult for a while might already know, there are times when things are quiet for our employers and occasions where things can pick up!

We want to be as transparent as possible when it comes to the way we work together, so we thought we’d take some time to explain Catapult’s Work Seasons, so you know what to expect and when.

The ‘S’ Rule

Throughout the year, certain employers experience quiet periods, busy seasons and then extremely busy times (like our Peak at the end of the year).

Hospitality and retail, in particular, tend to follow a distinct pattern. If you picture a graph with months of the year along the bottom and shifts on the side going upwards, the year would look a bit like a sideways ‘S’. That is, the number of shifts available at the start of the year is slightly lower, rising as it gets warmer, dipping in the Autumn before rapidly rising again at the end of the year.

The good news is when the bulk of retail and hospitality start to dip, others pick up – creating very distinct ‘Work Seasons’.

What are Work Seasons?

Breaking the year into seasons will help you anticipate the types of shifts you’ll see in the app at various stages throughout the year.

Here’s how it goes:

Annual Kick-Off
The start of the year is a big time for sports – so tons of stadium shifts at the most thrilling games! If you’re keen to earn, you’ll see plenty of work at all the major sporting venues including Wembley, Twickenham, London Stadiums and more!

PLUS, January sales mean there will also be some work on the high street!

Warm Weather Work
This is when people start to get out and enjoy the sunshine. That means more shifts at bars with killer outdoor spaces, catering events like weddings and summer parties, festivals and mid-season retail sales!

Sneak Peak Preview
Our tip for the months just prior to Peak? Start making a good impression!

This is when employers start posting a few shifts before things really pick up. Getting Favourited by an employer during this time means you’ll get first dibs on shifts when Peak comes around again!

The big guns come out. This is when everyone, regardless of their industry, tends to be at their busiest. It means loads of shifts in hospitality, retail, stadiums, and events. It’s a great opportunity for you to save before the Annual Kick-Off.


After Peak: When Kick-Off season comes around again…

We always recommend people take advantage of the huge variety of shifts available during Peak because, come January, you’ll really notice a drop in the number of jobs in the app.

While we can’t control when an employer is busy, we do try our best to lessen the impact this has on you.

Long term, we’re always working to get more diverse employers onboard, which should help the number of shifts available stay consistent throughout the year. We also encourage our existing employers to get those offers out as much as we can.

Short term, you’ll notice more and more paid focus groups in the app and, as a reward for all your hard work (and a chance to let your hair down), we’ll be hosting candidate events too!

You can also help boost your chances of snagging shifts by making sure you’ve got push notifications turned on.

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